Review Policy

One of the things I do on this blog is review books, as I firmly believe that doing my job well means keeping abreast of new titles. I tend to get review copies of books from two places: professional conferences and sites like Edelweiss and NetGalley. I do make a concerted effort to read all the review copies I receive, but my other professional commitments sometimes keep me from reading and reviewing everything I want. I also review for School Library Journal, so a portion of my reviewing energy goes there every month. Please be aware that I cannot guarantee I will review a book unless I explicitly say so.

If you are interested in sending me books to review, please keep a few things in mind:
  1. I am focusing heavily on items with a connection to STEAM or that touch on some aspect of diversity. I will give preference to these items when I read and review.
  2. I consider both fiction and non-fiction, for babies on up through young adults, for inclusion in my library's collections. This includes titles in a graphic novel format.
  3. I do not review, and thus will not accept at this time, adult books, books published solely in ebook format, or self-published/vanity press titles.
  4. All physical review copies (i.e., not digital) see continued life after I read and review them. Sometimes I share them with colleagues who are interested in reviewing the title, but more often than not the books are used as reading incentives with young readers in my library.
  5. I cannot guarantee a positive review. While it is never my intention to be mean-spirited or overly critical in my reviews, I consider it a professional responsibility to point out content that is inaccurate, culturally insensitive, or otherwise offensive, regardless of how minor the occurrence.
I am happy to accept books to review at any stage, from galleys and ARCs to published titles. If you are interested in sending me a book to review, please e-mail me at amy.e.koester (at) gmail (dot) com. Also, feel free to mention if you'd like me to post a review around a certain time (e.g., release date, blog tour, etc.); I will do my best to accommodate. Do be aware that not all reviews will be posted in individual blog posts; some reviews may be posted with others in a review roundup format.

Updated 2/8/2015